In this episode, Juddy, Jesse, and Kev dive into what’s lead to the recent success of our favorite hoops team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, WOLVES BACK! We look at what’s lead to our hot shooting post All Star Break, and what the playoff picture might look like for us. Ending the epidode, we got some predictions for how we finish out the regular season, as well as some fun Wolves trivia for y’all!

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Intro/ Wolves Heating Up! (0:00 – 9:31)

Season Update/ Roster Check-In  (9:32 – 18:31)

Playoff Aspirations (18:32 – 22:32)

Schedule Rest of Season Predicting (22:33 – 26:18)

Wolves Trivia/ Show Wrap (26:19 – 32:16)