The Vikings are flying Michigan Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh out to Eagan on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday, they will conduct the interview and will be rolling out the red carpet to all they have built with the shiny new facilities. After having initial conversations over the weekend on Saturday, it is reported that there is interest in both parties for trying to get a deal done. However, the Wilfs and new GM, Kwesi Adofoh-Mensah, flew out to sunny southern California on on Monday to meet with both Rams coordinators for their final interviews. Both, Kevin O’Connell (Rams Offensive Coordinator) and Raheem Morris (Defensive Coordinator) are in the running for the job, along with Giants Defensive Coordinator, Patrick Graham, who interviews today, Tuesday in Minnesota. Demeco Ryans has backed out of the running, wanting to return to San Fransisco and continue to grow as a coach, having only one successful year under his belt as their DC.

This, then bring up the HUGE question: is Harbaugh the lead candidate and favorite to be dawning the headset at US Bank this fall? It appears things may be trending in that direction. John Bacon, an author, and close confidant to the Harbaugh family and University of Michigan, has been one well worth following for the past week on what Harbaugh might want to do. He recently tweeted odds at 60-40 he stays in Ann Arbor:

However, he did follow up that with: “Worth noting: My sources aren’t as strong on this as @SamWebb77‘s, so I defer to him on this, but my sources would still agree that if MN offers, he is likely to take it. He’s not waiting this long to decide for nothing.”

Sam Webb, publisher of The Michigan Insider on 247Sports, then went in more detail on Tuesday’s The Dan Patrick Show.

“I don’t think that Jim Harbaugh really pursued this in years past, but make no mistake — he is going after this job,” said Webb, who delved deeper into his report from Monday. “He could have silenced this quickly. He didn’t. I think there’s a message in that. And that this is so public, that he is going to Minnesota at a time where he is trying to hire a defensive coordinator, I know a lot of people are making a big deal out of about him traveling there on National Signing Day. There aren’t signing any prospects coming up on Wednesday, but it is transfer portal time. There are things that you’re doing to prepare for spring ball, to prepare roster management, right? His focus is on Minnesota. He is going there to get this job. That makes this different. And everyone that I talk to, whether they be around Ann Arbor, agents in the NFL that I talk to, they all expect that if the Minnesota Vikings offer Jim Harbaugh this job, he will take it.”

All in all, just one day of thinking he might not actually be interested in leaving Michigan at all, and following rumors of his Michigan connections with Miami Dolphin’s owner, Steve Ross, and their HC vacancy, things are looking like it very well could be a match for Harbaugh and the Vikes. As we have learned, things can move very fast in this league, especially with someone with the coaching pedigree and resume that Harbaugh holds. Look at how fast a guy like Josh McDaniels got hired in Las Vegas for example. Harbaugh is an A- list name, and a proven winner at every stage of his career.

Will this all come to fruition this Wednesday in Eagan? After a tour of some our states finest Kohl’s and Target’s khaki pant selections, he should be all but sold on his future. I can see this being a sign that the Wilfs do want to win, and want to win now. With still paying off Zimmer and Spielman’s contracts, plus now paying for Kwesi and possibly Harbaugh’s big contract and buyout at Michigan, they are proving they are more than willing to spend whatever it takes to hoist the Lombardi trophy for the state of Minnesota.

Hoping for a significant, week to remember for this franchise, as we look forward to finding the missing piece to the puzzle in getting us to what we all want, SOMEDAY, to win a Superbowl Championship! Someday, sooner than later!

As always, SKOL!